“Rev. Mike and his wife were very helpful and professional. They were also very attentive to our needs/wants. Wonderful experience and would definitely recommend to others.”
Melissa W.

“We were married by Rev. Mike and his wife was our coordinator! They were both amazing and helpful, and put up with all of our jokes! We would definitely recommend them!”

“Most amazing wedding pastor, counselor, and family we've met. Magic was made with our hearts' desires in mind and our faith first. Our wedding ceremony was performed on Hollywood Beach, Florida in hot weather but the union began with excellent counsel and deep faith in God. Rev. Mike even sang our wedding song! You can place yourself in their care and know that your wedding day will remain with you, always. (Thank you Mike and Daryl Ann for giving us a great start!).”
Sherrie and Mark Smith

“We live in New Jersey and booked without meeting Rev. Dr. Mike, other than speaking with him over the phone. What a wonderful person and beautiful ceremony. We could not have been more pleased.”
Tyler & Mary

“Rev. Dr. Mike is such a Professional, on time and funny. I am not good with words so the ones I choose will be, if you find yourself lucky enough to have Rev. Dr. Mike to be the Priest at your Wedding it will be a Blessing in many ways. Thank you Rev.”
Fabiola Merchant

“Above and beyond! My lovely bride was "unavoidably detained", and Rev. Mike waited patiently on the beach with us in 94 degree heat (worth the wait, BTW). His counsel, both before the wedding and since has been invaluable.”
Dan and Elise H

“Rev. Mike is someone I have known a long time. He is my former pastor, baptized me, dedicated my daughter to the Lord (and soon to be two more babies!) and married me to the love of my life. He is extremely professional, organized and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants their wedding day to be officiated by someone who cares. His wife Daryl was also of great help in getting our party organized. She is a real gem of a woman! Their family is an extension of my own and you simply cannot go wrong with having them in your life in every capacity possible! WONDERFUL 10 STAR EXPERIENCE! You will not be sorry!”
Kelli & Jose

“Rev. Mike was excellent. Both him and his wife made you feel like part of their family which made you so comfortable for the wedding day. I would highly recommend Rev. Mike to anyone. Wonderful experience.”
Ariel and Meghan A.

“Rev. Mike was excellent. His services, professionalism and comforting spirits made my husband and my wedding day perfect. He and his wife would get my recommendation any day.”

“Rev. Dr. Mike was the priest at my wedding and it was great. Very professional and thorough throughout the whole process and helped my wife and I with any questions we had. Also made a nice booklet for us as well. Overall it was a great experience.”
Dominc A